Rainbow Station is now

In January 2018, Rainbow Station changed its name and rebranded as LeafSpring School. We are still the Rainbow Station you have come to love, we just have a fresh new look that helps differentiate the one-of-a-kind care and education we provide each child.

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After School in The Village

The Village at LeafSpring School is a really cool before and after school recreation program. The Village staff are committed to your family – making your day easier, and your child’s day great.

The Village at LeafSpring School

Our program is designed to meet the changing academic, recreational and social needs of children ages five to thirteen. Each day, The Village program offers a variety of recreational and enrichment activities and is supplemented with dedicated time for our students to study and do their homework. Before and After School Transportation is available; please inquire with your local LeafSpring School for a list of schools.

The Village Staff

Staffed by specially trained recreational counselors and instructors, our program allows students to participate in a program designed to encourage and promote choice while instilling leadership skills and values. The Village program is housed in an innovative facility which emulates the feeling of a small-town community.


Our teachers in The Village focus on the whole student — mind, body and character— to help them reach their full potential in a safe environment that encourages responsibility, fosters leadership and gives them the freedom to their own choices.

Upon their arrival to The Village, students can choose their daily activities, each of which takes place in a different part of “town.