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A Place Like No Other

The Get Well Place at LeafSpring School provides expert nursing care for mildly ill children – from birth to age 13 – and much-needed support for families with working parents.

Fully Staffed

Staffed by licensed nurses, the Get Well Place provides backup care for ill children with common childhood illnesses such as colds, flu, stomach bugs and more*. Our nurses also provide care for children enrolled in LeafSpring School with chronic or unique needs, giving families peace of mind, knowing their child is receiving the loving, professional nursing care they need.


*Not all locations are able to care for patients with contagious illnesses, and some require a doctor’s note to attend. Please call your local school for more details.


At most of our schools, you don’t have to be enrolled in LeafSpring School to use the Get Well Place. Any working parent with a mildly ill child can bring their child here for expert care in a comfortable, child-friendly environment – whether just for a few hours or for a full day. Please check with your local school for services and availability.

Additionally, with parental consent, we offer transportation to the Get Well Place for school aged children from school or other childcare centers.

Separate Space for

The Get Well Place

The Get Well Place is architecturally separated from the rest of the school and can accommodate various illnesses. After a quick assessment by our nurse, children are assigned to classrooms based on diagnoses or symptom profiles, to avoid cross-contamination. Children in the Get Well Place return to wellness without fear of contracting another illness because of our nurse’s expertise and adherence to universal precautions.

Hassle Free Service

It's no wonder parents and employers alike have embraced our Get Well Place as a unique solution, a critical community resource, and a valued part of every family's support system.

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