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Our proprietary leadership program, INSPIRED, helps students become lifelong leaders, reflecting high standards in their values and dedication to the belief that they can make worthwhile contributions in an ever-changing world. We choose children’s literature to complement classroom activities.


Within all children exists a wealth of POTENTIAL

As educators, our goal is to provide them with the tools to refine their natural gifts and a roadmap to guide them down a productive path. Through this leadership program, we INSPIRE their curiosity. We want to INSPIRE them to be good citizens. We want them to be INSPIRED to reach their fullest potential.

How Does It Work?

INSPIRED was designed to complement and enhance our play based curriculum, PLAYWORKS. It consists of eight literacies, or areas of study, that focus on specific values and encourage realistic applications. Throughout the year, students explore how each literacy pertains to their lives, impacts their relationships with their family, friends, and teachers, and applies to their community and world relationships.

Below are some simple examples of ways INSPIRED describes the values that are taught at each stage.


LiteracyAll classes
SocialI choose friendship over fighting.
HealthHealthI choose healthy over harmful.
EnviromentalEnvironmentalI choose helping over hurting.
CivicCivicI choose “we” over “me.”
EntrepreneurialEntrepreneurialI choose working over wavering.
FinancialFinancialI choose responsibility over recklessness.
FinancialResilienceI choose “I can’t YET,” over “I can’t.”
FinancialMindfulnessI choose positivity over negativity.

How will a young child understand these literacies?

The language used to help children understand each literacy is very simple and evolves as they mature and grow. Our teachers and staff can provide further explanation of how this program integrates into your child’s day.



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