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Learning Through Play

Where Learning Meets Fun

Play - it's how kids learn. Through exploration with intentional play opportunities, children learn about the world they live in.

Using Standards of Learning

Our educators teach children language, math, science, leadership skills and values through play. Children are provided daily opportunities for small group instruction with their teacher to explore curriculum topics. Child-directed, independent and parallel play in learning centers yields countless teachable moments where the teacher facilitates learning applications.

PLAYWORKS© establishes standards of learning for each age and developmentally specific class. Our teachers work with each child at their own pace to achieve these learning goals through topically-based teaching. Each child’s progress is assessed using semi-annual developmental evaluations and suggestions for at home activities are offered during parent-teacher conferences.

It is during play that children have an opportunity to:

  • – Think Creatively
  • – Test Concepts
  • – Draw Conclusions
  • – Master New Skills

Through PLAYWORKS©, we provide the guidance and structure that enables children to engage in curriculum at a pace that is comfortable and yet exciting, promoting a lifelong love of learning.

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