Nursery School

New worlds of discovery for your young child.

Nationally Accredited, Developmentally Appropriate Program

The Nursery School program at LeafSpring School recognizes that placing your very young child in the care of someone else is a difficult and emotional decision. Our teachers spend each day opening new worlds of discovery for your child in a safe, nurturing and creative environment. We offer nationally accredited, developmentally appropriate programs designed for children from birth to age two.

The Nursery School at LeafSpring School offers:

  • Small primary care groups to foster and nurture a strong relationship between your child and their teacher.
  • Topical and age-appropriate learning, providing the opportunity to learn about the world using various learning domains.
  • Lesson plans tailored to each child’s development, ensuring rapidly changing and developing infants are constantly challenged.
  • Sign language that provides babies and toddlers the ability to communicate earlier than speech, improving pre-language readiness and decreasing stress and frustration.
  • Classrooms staffed by degreed or certified lead teachers who create weekly theme based lesson plans using our proprietary curriculum: PLAYWORKS©, developed by preschool teachers and child development experts.
  • Classroom and learning centers that grow and change with the child to promote learning and relationship building with the primary care giver.
  • Family style dining to provide opportunities for social development and establishment of lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Daily parent-teacher digital or written communication featuring activities and addressing components of the developmental curriculum.
  • Playgrounds specifically developed to promote and support infant and toddler gross motor development and fine motor skills.
  • A fun summer camp experience, Camp Little Cloud, that continues our great curriculum and adds the fun of summertime.