Camp Little Cloud

Fun and Learning All Summer Long

Camp Little Cloud is a continuation of the daily preschool LeafSpring School activities with a sunny summer spin.

At Camp Little Cloud, children can participate in:

  • Sports and Physical Education: Budding leaders will have the opportunity to learn more popular sports like soccer and basketball. Children can try out their skill sets in a fun, teambuilding environment.
  • The Mind Body Connection: Students will learn about making a mind body connection and find their inner peace with specially designed move and breathing techniques taught in children’s yoga classes.
  • STEAM Learning: Our fun curriculum offers enrichment activities in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math fields of study. Using the elements found in natures, children will develop an appreciation of nature while participating in outdoor play.
  • Leadership Club: Imagine the energy that erupts when children can follow their passions. Each child can pick the club that most interests them. These clubs will provide children with a chance to meet new students, work with new teachers, showcase their leadership skills and engaged in collaborative learning.
  • Music and Movement: Dancing, singing, and listening to various genres of music – a fun way to wiggle and jive through the summer. Students will explore stories, manipulative toys and instruments through music.
  • Healthy Summer Snacks: Don’t think we have forgotten how much fun it is to enjoy ice cold summer treats! With a new healthy twist on an old time favorite, students will enjoy a weekly special treat.


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