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Preschool & Pre-K

Learning that Lasts a Lifetime

A Positive Nurturing Atmosphere Within an Innovative and Creative Academic Environment

Confident, happy, and successful children enter kindergarten with an advantage. We will provide each child with that advantage through our play-based curriculum. Children will discover new things about the world and themselves and foster independence based in leadership. Our preschool and pre-k programs nurture children while helping them plant the seeds of curiosity that are so important as they learn about the world.


  • Topically based curriculum centered on the standards of learning and immersed in science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities.
  • Learning centers designed to encourage exploration and learning through play.
  • Classrooms arranged to promote independence and leadership skills.
  • Teacher-created lesson plans that foster pre-literacy skills, vocabulary building, leadership, and values education.
  • Age-appropriate technology in the classroom.
  • Monthly community field trips.
  • Resource classes including physical education, music, and world studies.
  • Classroom promotions based on the academic calendar.
  • Scheduled parent-teacher conferences to discuss student progress based on classroom assessments and developmental evaluations.
  • Family-style dining experiences to practice manners education and conversation skills while promoting healthy eating habits and portion size.
  • Student-led lessons incorporating project-based learning.
  • Daily parent-teacher digital or written communication featuring activities and addressing components of the developmental curriculum.
  • A fun summer camp experience that continues our great curriculum and adds the fun of summertime, including camp challenges and in-house experiences, through Camp Little Cloud.


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