Easy Winter Weather Activities ❄️ - LeafSpring School

February 18, 2021

Easy Winter Weather Activities ❄️

Many of our schools across the nation are closed or delayed due to extreme winter weather. If your children are home with you and you need to work, we know it can be difficult. These activities are easy to set up, fun, and educational. For more ideas, visit RedTedArt.

  • Snow and ice painting – You’ll need: food coloring and empty spray bottles. Put food coloring into empty spray bottles and add water. Shake well. Go outside when it is safe and let your children paint the snow. See what kind of shapes they can create – rainbows? letters?


  • Snow and ice melt experiment – You’ll need: two bowls and a plastic bag. Work with your children and bring in three snow or ice balls. Put one in each bowl and one in the plastic bag. Put one bowl in the refrigerator, one bowl on a table, and the plastic bag in the refrigerator. Set a timer for 10 minutes and ask your children which they think will melt the fastest. Keep checking back to learn about what melts faster and talk to them about why. (Image from SimplePlayIdeas)

  • Ice color experiment – You’ll need: clear jars, food coloring, and an ice tray. Collect snow or ice from outside and place in the ice tray. Put food coloring in each ice tray section and set outside to freeze. Once they’re frozen, put two of each color in a jar together and, as they melt, watch what new colors they create.


  • Ice bird feeders – You’ll need: a bowl and birdseed. Fill the bowl with water. Inside the bowl, place birdseed, twigs and leaves, berries, and other things that are safe for birds to eat. Place a straw vertically in the bowl and place in the freezer or outside (if freezing weather). Once frozen, remove the straw and hang up for birds to enjoy.



  • Ice sculptures – You’ll need: food coloring and ice trays. Collect snow or ice (or water, if it’s easier) and place in the ice trays. Drop food coloring into each spot in the ice tray and let freeze. Once it’s frozen, you can build colorful creations in the winter weather.



Stay safe and warm and please share your winter activities on our Facebook page. If you would like to learn more about enrollment at our schools, find the school nearest to you.