Holiday Traditions - LeafSpring School

December 20, 2021

Holiday Traditions

It is always an exciting time of the year for our families here at LeafSpring Schools, where we enjoy celebrating with each other. Spending time with our friends and families and participating in traditions, new and old, make the holidays special. 

Learning about different holidays and family traditions is a highlight for many. Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hannukkah, or all three, it is fun to hear which traditions are important to each family. Two of our fundamental values are diversity and community, and learning about how other families celebrate promotes this. 

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is celebrated over eight days. Families share in lighting a new candle in the Menorah each night, playing dreidel, eating traditional meals, and singing Hanukkah songs. 

Christmas is celebrated by many by cutting down a Christmas tree and decorating it with lights, decorating cookies, singing Christmas carols, and giving gifts.

Kwanzaa, a holiday that celebrates African American culture, begins December 26 and continues until January 1. Many families celebrate this week-long holiday by daily lighting the Kinara (black, red, and green candles), reflecting on the day’s principle, and eating a daily feast called a Karamu.

We love to hear about what traditions your family celebrates. In all classrooms, teachers ask children to share their holiday traditions and everyone learns and celebrates together.