Happy Mother's Day - 2021 - LeafSpring School

May 7, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day – 2021

May is the month that we celebrate Mother’s Day and all the big and little ways that our mothers show their love and dedication. It seems no coincidence that Teacher Appreciation Week and National Nurse’s Week overlap with Mother’s Day. Nurses teach or educate people. Teachers attune to the health of their students, and mothers do all three. All three of those roles are deeply intertwined and interconnected. Another verb for “mothering” is “nurturing.” Even though finding lost shoes feels more like an aggravation, it is still nurturing. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate all who have nurtured us and who nurture our children.

Mother’s Day can also be bitter-sweet. Many have lost their mother, either recently or some time ago. Some relationships with mothers are complicated. Some have had disappointments in their dreams of becoming a mother. On this “Hallmark happy day of celebration,” these experiences of sadness can be acknowledged, even briefly, to make the day whole and complete.

One more nurturance to be mentioned is nurturing yourself. We cannot fully care for our children unless we are also nurtured and cared for. Sometime this month, find one opportunity to care for yourself in an indulgent way… something that will allow you to close your eyes and feel, “Ahhhhh … ” Caring for yourself is essential for re­charging your batteries. It allows you to generate energy to continue all of the caring and giving that you do every day.

Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

Written by Nurse Kandy Fielo, Three Chopt