2022: New Years with Young Children - LeafSpring School

December 29, 2021

2022: New Years with Young Children

This time of the year is filled with anticipation and excitement. Anticipating the holidays and all the fun (and sometimes stress) that comes with it. Excitement for the special traditions and gift-giving and receiving. Looking toward the new year can bring about those feelings as well. We reflect on the past year and look toward what a new year may bring.

It also may be a time where you set New Year’s resolutions for yourself. What if this year you included your kids? In an article written for the American Academy of Pediatric’s website, HealthyChildren.org, Dr. Lanre Omojokun Falusi, a Washington, D.C.-based pediatrician, suggests encouraging your children to make healthy New Year’s resolutions and find fun ways to do so. 

Her suggestions for preschoolers include:

  • Cleaning up toys.
  • Washing hands after the bathroom and before eating.
  • Being a friend to others.

For children ages 5-12, Dr. Falusi encourages children to make wearing helmets a priority, as well as drinking enough water each day. 

Some of her ideas go well with our INSPIRED Curriculum. Through this curriculum, our students explore six different literacies: social, health, environmental, civic, entrepreneurial, and financial. Consider helping your child pick one to focus on and choose a resolution based on that literacy. 

And remember, simple resolutions can have a significant impact and are often the most kept.

Do you plan to have your children make New Year’s resolutions? 


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