Week of the Young Child 2020 #WOYC20 - LeafSpring School

April 13, 2020

Week of the Young Child 2020 #WOYC20

The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration of early childhood, early education, learning through play, and early childhood professionals. It celebrates the joy of being young. NAEYC sponsors the largest joint celebration.


Music Monday

When children sing, dance, and listen to music, they develop their language and early literacy skills while being active and encouraging movement.



Tasty Tuesday

This fun, food-themed day is about more than just cheese and crackers. Cooking together connects math with literacy skills, science, and more. With the rise in childhood obesity, you can encourage healthy nutrition and fitness habits at home and in the classroom.

  • Preschool – Read a book and make the food: Dragons love Tacos, Stone Soup, Eating the Alphabet, Chicks and salsa, Give a Mouse a Cookie, Give a Moose a Muffin, Give a Cat a Cupcake, Give a Pig a Pancake, Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party, etc.
  • School-Aged – Make your own popsicles!



Work Together Wednesday

When children build together they explore math and science concepts and develop their social and early literacy skills.


Artsy Thursday

Think, problem solve, create! Children develop creativity, social skills and fine motor skills with open-ended art projects where they can make choices, use their imaginations, and create with their hands. On Artsy Thursday celebrate the joy and learning children experience when engaged in creative art making.


Family Friday

Engaging and celebrating families is at the heart of supporting our youngest learners.


  • Preschool: Virtual show and tell: Invite each child to choose an object from home that is special to them or their family.
  • School-Aged: String maze