Teaching Leadership to Young Children - They're Ready - LeafSpring School

March 16, 2022

Teaching Leadership to Young Children – They’re Ready

When people question how we can teach leadership skills to young children, we love providing real life examples like this:

Our INSPIRED leadership program has 8 literacies that we teach throughout the year, parallel to our proprietary play-based curriculum, PLAYWORKS. The lessons may seem simple, but they ladder up to BIG ideas.

Several years ago, one of our Pre-K classes had several children with baby siblings  The children became very observant of the abundance of diapers their family used daily.

This curiosity led to an impromptu classroom math activity about the quantity & cost of diapers (financial literacy). This led a discussion about how less fortunate families handled the financial burden of diapers which INSPIRED the class want to do something to help (civic literacy). So the class organized a LeafSpring School-wide diaper drive to donate to the community diaper bank (entrepreneurial literacy).

Children listen and are capable of learning and growing more than some give them credit for. That’s why our INSPIRED program gives them the tools they need to become future leaders.