COVID-19 Response

Each of our 12 schools is monitoring the situation in their local communities and making decisions based on what is best for their school, their students, their staff, and their community. We are here for our families and staff and want the disruption in your daily lives to be as minimal as possible.

For more information on how we are responding, please visit our COVID-19 webpage.

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March 13, 2020

How LeafSpring is Adapting to Help Combat COVID-19

As the news about the COVID-19 pandemic changes on a daily basis, we will be updating our strategies accordingly. As of March 13, we are implementing the following.


  • Our normal exclusion of “24 hours fever free without fever suppressing medication” is being adjusted to “48 hours fever free without fever suppressing medication.” There are reports of fever levels fluctuating among diagnosed individuals, which is the reasoning behind this change.
    • Our normal exclusion for fever begins at 100 degrees, however, if we witness a child with a cough, and shortness of breath we reserve the right to exclude for slightly elevated temperatures below 100 degrees.
  • We have temporarily suspended the self-serve aspect of Family Style Dining.
  • We will provide extra cleaning in the Dining car in between meal periods, including sanitizing the door handles, chairs and other commonly touched surfaces.
  • We have canceled all field trips until further notice.
  • We have temporarily suspended preschool’s programmatic use of the Village space.
  • We are suspending any non-essential visits from members of the community, including enrollment tours
  • Water found usage will be a refill station only.
  • We are increasing the Daily Health Checks throughout the day.
  • Children will be signed in and out by the administration, limiting contamination potential.


  • Exclude your child from LeafSpring if any family member has developed symptoms of COVID-19 or has been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed. Isolation times should follow recommendations of the Health Department or CDC.
  • Diligently watch for symptoms and adhere to the new exclusionary timeline changes stated above.
  • Verify email and cell numbers for emergency communications.
  • Inform us of ALL travel, domestic and international, to areas identified as high-risk locations by the CDC.

For more details, visit our COVID-19 Response webpage.