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February 20, 2019

Helping a Stuffy Nose

RSV and the flu are no fun. The poor unfortunate souls with these viral illnesses make an adult amount of snot in little tiny kid spaces. Then, they can’t get all that goo out and are miserable and at risk for secondary infections. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was something you could do to get all that snot out??

Sure, the blue bulb has its place. It tends to get stuck up against the side of the nasal mucosa and just makes the swelling and congestion worse. Not to mention, it gets super gross and moldy since you can’t easily clean it out. Then there’s the NoseFrida, and other nasal suctioning devices.  They create a better vacuum seal in the nostril, and really can get more mucous out, when they’re used frequently and correctly. But even these guys can’t get it all.

KidMed has a solution. They would like to offer a suction clinic. Some kids just need a little extra help, and that’s ok. They can use nasotracheal suctioning and REALLY get the snot out. It’s a very small, flexible tube that goes up the nose to suck out the goo you can’t reach at home.

It sounds and looks a little barbaric; especially when it’s your baby lying on the bed, terribly unhappy about the straw up his or her nose. But, removing all the extra mucous ensures your child’s airway is open and ready for oxygen exchange, which is really quite important. It also causes your child to cough and clear the extra mucous building up in the lower airways and lungs. The most common side effects of nasotracheal suctioning are mad babies, gagging and or vomiting, and bloody nose.

Get more info on the KidMed Suction Clinic here. We are proud to partner with KidMed and support their mission.