Welcome to the New School Year - Be Gentle on Yourself - LeafSpring School

September 1, 2022

Welcome to the New School Year – Be Gentle on Yourself

Welcome to the new school year for each child and each family. While it is exciting, it may also be scary for young children.

For a child, it can be some of the same anxiety that adults experience when starting a new job. They are figuring out a new environment, getting to know new teachers, new classroom routines and rules, new expectations, getting to know new friends and learning new names. While fun, it can be stressful for them. Don’t be surprised if your child is more easily distracted at home, has a harder time listening, has a lower tolerance for frustration, loses some progress they have made in potty training, exhibits difficulty sleeping, has less ability to ‘go with the flow’ or more episodes of tearfulness or temper outbursts. This could last for a few weeks until all the newness settles down. You can help by keeping the home routine as familiar as possible, offering extra hugs and attention after school and being patient with less desirable behaviors.

At drop off time, you can be encouraging of the fun for the day but then in the evening, offer support for their busy day and new activities. Ask them what is fun and also what is hard or scary about their new classroom, to encourage them to talk about what ever may be bothering them. Knowing that you are excited about the newness but also supportive and understanding of the challenges of a new environment will help your child acclimate to their new classroom more smoothly.

Communicate with the teacher if your child expresses any concerns, even it seems minor to us adults. The teachers will be happy to address any concern that can help your child feel more comfortable and secure in their new classroom.

We know it will be a fun, exciting new year as your child develops and grows. It just may take them a little longer to feel comfortable and excited about all of the newness of their new classroom.

– Nurse Kandy, LeafSpring School at Three Chopt